FINALLY . . . I think it’s safe . . .

We can start planning “Spring”!  Just a week ago, we got 14 inches of snow.  Depressing 😦


This weekend, while we do have a little extra water here and there …


things are perking up with buds



and even a little green here and there!


Just now, I found the perfect HOUZZ article for Hubs and I, and it is so helpful that I want to share it with all of you.

I’m convinced many of you will like it too.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Meanwhile, let me know how you’re welcoming Spring 🙂

Later – Cheryl



8 thoughts on “FINALLY . . . I think it’s safe . . .

  1. Bought two spinach starts and have them in kitchen window. It is still going into 20s at night so no outdoor planting yet. We are into wild 50-60 degree temp fluctuations and 50-60 mph winds. Both are what spring means in my neck of the Rockies

    • Weather has just been terrible all over the country this year, hasn’t it?! I always read your posts, N, but sometimes have trouble getting a reply through. But your writing tells me we have many things in common. Maybe it’s has a lot to do with our ages, you think 🙂

    • Hi, Charlotte. It’s a month later and completely different now, weather-wise. Unfortunately we seemed to have not been given a “Spring” and have gone into the high temps and humidity of Summer. But in two weeks’ time, everything has greened up and blossomed. Speaking of blossoming, your career certainly is. I enjoy keeping track of all your amazing adventures. I’m a little up and down with health issues of late, but still hangin’ around 😀

  2. Oh shame Cheryl, it really does sound like Winter overstayed her welcome in a big way up there in the Northern hemisphere. It always fascinates me seeing pics of all that snow. It’s a completely foreign concept to me, completely foreign. I’ve never even touched snow or seen it in real life. I do hope you weather has improved and that you and the hubby can start laying down some gravel.

    • Hi. Welcome. Our weather has changed immensely now, I just haven’t posted much lately. It’s a really heavy pollen season this year, and I’ve been hit with allergies big time! Today is sunny, comfortable temp so have gotten outside a bit. So glad you stopped by. I love your wire tutorial. Am going tot try it when I get back up to speed. I love to draw, but we’ll see how the wire part goes 🙂

  3. Cheryl it is summer here in NY but also not really the weather seems to fluctuate 20 to 30 degrees from one day to the next.

    • Well, since this post, we’ve skipped Spring altogether and gone right into Summer. Funny weather everywhere this year. So glad you stopped over, Mary. I ALWAYS enjoy your posts and shares! Have a great week.

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