It’s Gonna Be a BLUE Christmas

Hi . . . How are you?

I’m blue.

Well . . . at least my 2018 Christmas look is.


Three factors determined our holiday decor this year.

  1. Low energy & ambition .
  2. Della
  3. Quick thrift trip

The last half of this year has been a circus of doctors, surgeons, hospitals and appointments, which has put energy levels, ambition and creativity on a constant roller coaster ride.  Things are much improved but still not up to par.

When Hubs began gathering the decoration bins, most sat unopened, as my mood quickly changed from excitement to exhaustion.  A peek at the ornament boxes revealed the blue, white and silver pieces on top, so that became our 2018 color scheme.

Holidays mean Hubs gladly allows me to do all of the decorating, especially the BIG tree.  Below is a look from past years.

The second obstacle this season is Della, our eight month puppy.

While still cute . . . not so small anymore.

She can only lay on top of that chair now.

So no big tree this time! Not yet grown out of her puppy personality (destructiveness).

The blues became official with a quick trip to a favorite thrift store, where ALL CHRISTMAS items happened to be 1/2 off.  Some great pieces, and so many in blue hues.


So at home, a blue Christmas it is, which works quite well with the new accent color we’re using in our open dining/kitchen area.


A small tree instead of the tall.


Little vignettes on the tables . . .


. . . and the wall


Cabinet tops join in, with glass, trees, plates and tins.


Our hutch is the place most fun.  Della can’t reach so it’s a safe one

Two nativity sets are always a go . . .


. . .  it’s modern in the bedroom . . .


and traditional on the piano.

With this Christmas of blue, my hopes are that you will enjoy this colorful season, too.  Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe and warm, and we’ll meet the new year together.

Merry Christmas from me and the Hubs 🙂


Later – Cheryl


“To Do” . . or . . “Not To Do” that is the question

Hi All.

Hey, CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD JOB DONE . . . to those of you who have recently completed a wall painting project!

So is the new color fine, but you had a little more “umph” in mind? Consider this option next . . . Trims and mouldings.

Trim and moulding, even in small quatities, can instantly dress up a room, and give it a finished look. And it is something that beginners can do and afford, not just the seasoned DIYers.

True, you must be accurate in your measuring and cutting, but newbies can use straight cuts, butted, where as experience allows the more complicated mitered cuts and joints. And your pieces can be anything from inexpensive, primed MDF or pine that you’ll paint, all the way up to solid, finished hardwoods that you stain.

Let’s have fun looking at some wonderful examples from my HOUZZ files.

BEFORE YOU CLICK on the photo below,
just want to let you know . . . what happens next.

  • 1. Click on the photo below
  • 2. On 2nd screen – click that same photo
  • 3. On final (large) screen, click again on the photo to get to SLIDESHOW.

    Man, I hope this works! \:>)