Fall is Halloween and More

Yep, I finally fessed up to the fact that it is Fall. Harvest season with colorful leaves, crisp air, plaids and pumpkins, and (for me) lots of Orange !

Decorating is easy in Autumn . . .

Inside . . .

This quick little display is as simple as just a line of pretty vases, in varied heights, finishes and colors, with a dollar store figurine set between. Don’t have that many things? The middle three pieces would work just as well here.

Outside . . .

Some natural pieces, a pumpkin and an interesting old pail, set on a cedar porch against rough wood siding and your porch is done. The orange color can carry this from Fall through Halloween and on to Thanksgiving.

HINTS: 1. Using varied textures, colors, sizes and heights of objects gives interest to your displays 2. Working with an odd number of pieces can be helpful when starting your display. As you progress, add more, or not.

Pictured here are three individual displays. Either would work on it’s own in a small spaces. Or all could work together like below, where they are on the piano shelf. spread out. The fabric grounds the display and helps the pieces relate to each other. But, let’s take it one step further.

By uniting the three smaller sets, you have a more comfortable, cohesive look. It happens to center with the music rack behind, accomplishing good balance to boot ūüôā

Don’t let the thought of decorating discourage you. Keep it simple, use what you like and what you have on hand. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Except for one gift item included, most everything used in these displays was thrifted, from second hand shops, garage sales and the like.

Small can say it all, and you may have just what you need to do it.

One beautiful vase set among houseplants, is more than enough to brighten things up. A copper bowl, a candle holder and a small, colorful kitchen jar take very little space, but hit the spot on this kitchen island. A plant, a pitcher and a few artificial leaves is a quick, easy display. Copper is a wonderful accent for fall. Here a copper tray, a teacup w/saucer and a bright orange basket are simple things but come together nicely with an added touch or two.

HINTS: 1. No matter the scale, in any display the pieces should “play well together”. Which just means they should gather together, even touch rather than having too much space in between (piano photos above). 2. Displays need to be unified. Fabrics and decorative papers are an easy way to achieve this. A bright scarf weaved through or a table runner beneath to ground it.

That covers the Fall and More parts of the title. . . . so . . . on to Halloween :O

Here’s are two fun, easy projects for almost any age.

A mobile is always fun, but especially at Halloween. And these cute cutouts work on little handout bags on Halloween night, for candy. Find “how-to” and print files below.

Halloween Handout  Bags

LINKS to projects and cutout HERE and HERE

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Enjoy your Fall, your home . . . and your Halloween. Be safe.

Until next time – Cheryl


It’s Gonna Be a BLUE Christmas

Hi . . . How are you?

I’m blue.

Well . . . at least my 2018 Christmas look is.


Three factors determined our holiday decor this year.

  1. Low energy & ambition .
  2. Della
  3. Quick thrift trip

The last half of this year has been a circus of doctors, surgeons, hospitals and appointments, which has put energy levels, ambition and creativity on a constant roller coaster ride.  Things are much improved but still not up to par.

When Hubs began gathering the decoration bins, most sat unopened, as my mood quickly changed from excitement to exhaustion.  A peek at the ornament boxes revealed the blue, white and silver pieces on top, so that became our 2018 color scheme.

Holidays mean Hubs gladly allows me to do all of the decorating, especially the BIG tree.  Below is a look from past years.

The second obstacle this season is Della, our eight month puppy.

While still cute . . . not so small anymore.

She can only lay on top of that chair now.

So no big tree this time! Not yet grown out of her puppy personality (destructiveness).

The blues became official with a quick trip to a favorite thrift store, where ALL CHRISTMAS items happened to be 1/2 off.  Some great pieces, and so many in blue hues.


So at home, a blue Christmas it is, which works quite well with the new accent color we’re using in our open dining/kitchen area.


A small tree instead of the tall.


Little vignettes on the tables . . .


. . . and the wall


Cabinet tops join in, with glass, trees, plates and tins.


Our hutch is the place most fun.¬† Della can’t reach so it’s a safe one

Two nativity sets are always a go . . .


. . .¬† it’s modern in the bedroom . . .


and traditional on the piano.

With this Christmas of blue, my hopes are that you will enjoy this colorful season, too.¬† Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe and warm, and we’ll meet the new year together.

Merry Christmas from me and the Hubs ūüôā


Later – Cheryl

Some Seasonal This & That

In our home this year, I’m keeping seasonal stuff simple.¬† From foods to decorating, it’s quick and easy all, especially through November.


With this in mind, I scanned through my photo stash and in doing so, discovered the “sweet and simple” idea is not a new one around my house.


Of course a bit of sparkle here and there isn’t difficult to achieve.


A little color and shine can go a long way.


Or sometimes just a nice floral arrangement has a lot to say.


And if a big arrangement isn’t your thing . . .


try a basket, a couple plants or garden picks, a scarf and some sparkly items.

Before closing, I wanted to again share this simple and fun poem and kid’s project.

Thanksgiving preparations are at hand.
Menus being made, days being planned.
Arranging rooms for extra seating.
Cleaning, cooking, talking, eating.
The youngest crowd might be ignored.
They get restless, they get bored.
Keep all kids busy¬†with¬†fun projects they’ll like.
Have the older kids help the little tikes.

Cheryl Brindle





I really enjoy and appreciate your thoughts and comments on my posts, so let me know what you think.¬† And remember, it’s okay to share as long as you give credit where credit is due … to me ūüôā

Have a wonderful holiday and make lot’s of special memories ūüôā

Later – Cheryl



Friday the 13th! Quick, a Craft!

Who could waste a perfect title like that?¬† Great time to share a quick craft with you too.¬† It’s easy, low cost and fun to do!



All you need is

  1. My FREE HALLOWEEN PRINTOUTS HERE (pictured above) that
  2. Paper and/or paper lunch bags
  3. Scissors & Glue
  4. String (any kind – yarn, thread, fishing line)
  5. One cup hook or large head screw
  6. A small branch from a shrub or tree

Could this be any easier?¬† Below are two “Done” ones


Halloween Handout  Bags



See the “TO DO’s”¬† HERE and HERE.

Find LOTS Fall projects by going up to the search bar & typing in the following words (one at a time) .

  1. Fall and/or Autumn
  2. EZ-PZ
  3. Mums

That’s it for this freaky Friday ūüėÄ

Whatever you do, don’t stress out … just start!

Later – Cheryl




Criss-Cross Christmas

For anyone, there are so many things to do and places to be, during the holidays.  People have lots of contenders vying for their time.


Those of us with “blended families” have extra scheduling difficulties in this season, as people have to multiply the visits and celebrations.¬† It can be stressful, especially to kids, even after they’ve become adults.


In the past two years, I’ve tried a different approach.¬† We combine Thanksgiving and Christmas into one get-together, and we celebrate in mid-December or early January.


The thought was to aim for less stress directly on the holidays, when so many other duties call.¬† It has worked quite well … except … this year.


So, for the first time – in a long time, even the single celebration has to be split, as schedules just can’t come together.


This year, grandchildren are older, and teenagers have jobs and sports activities and everything included.¬† So even if we’re not trying to use the exact holiday for our gathering, there are still conflicts.


Solution:¬† One family is coming here to our home, and we’re having a brunch instead of a turkey dinner w/fixings.¬† I’m really looking forward to it, as the kids AND grandkids are doing all the cooking.¬† Sounds like fun, don’t you think?¬† Can’t wait!


The other kids who are local, have been remodeling their home and wanted us to visit their place for a get-together.  We headed over there last weekend, and had a blast.  My daughter-in-law is a marvelous cook and this time, she even made a big vegan dish for my husband.  And it was fun to see the new looks in their house.


So, Readers … how will you be spending your time over the holidays?¬† I love when you share in the comments.


And if you’re looking for last minute decorating ideas, you can do a search in the menu bar up-top.¬† Just type Christmas and you’ll find all of the projects and ideas I’ve posted previously, lots of stuff there.

OR, visit Artzzle’s Facebook page. ¬† Lots more fun projects there and many are “kid” friendly too.

In closing, I’ll just say that

Whatever your Beliefs or Reasons for the Season,

be Happy, stay Safe and Best Wishes to all!

Later – Cheryl








HELP WANTED: Needed NOW- Holiday Inspiration

Tomorrow is the 1st of December … already.

Thanksgiving was quiet this year with no visitors.¬† The days following are usually when we begin the Christmas decorating.¬† This year’s gloomy weather isn’t promoting much holiday spirit.Christmas


Rain and record warm temperatures have dissolved the two light accumulations of snow we have had.  Soggy, brown ground and cloudy days are on the schedule for the week.


Over the weekend, we did dig out some of the holiday bins.¬† Well, giving credit when it’s due … Hubs did the digging, braving our crawl space to find some of the holiday bins.¬† Containers were brought up, unpacked and items placed all over our space. And the mess began …


Many of you know but for those who don’t, I’ll tell you big messes really aren’t my thing! Can’t stand em’.¬† They literally make me uncomfortable.¬† But I do try to find something positive, even in a negative situation.¬† The positive at this stage, was that seeing some of my Christmas treasures again, sparked an inkling of enthusiasm.

By late Sunday evening, items were up here, but not arranged yet, and the kitchen and dining room were a complete disaster. Pieces, paper, boxes and bins everywhere.


At that point, we were pooped out.¬† And as awful as it is to wake up to a dirty house, it had to be …¬† I was tired … so it was off to bed.

Monday, creating some heavy duty enthusiasm was an ABSOLUTE MUST.¬† I began browsing digital photo albums and finally … holiday posts from previous years.

Christmas at Artzzle

It opened a Pandora’s box of ideas.¬† Click HERE for your inspiration.

Meanwhile, Hubs and I will keep plugging away at our 2016 Holiday Home!

This is only the beginning, but our goal is to finish by this coming Saturday.  Next, current displays have to be taken down, wrapped and packed away.  Lots of crawling, climbing, reaching and handing going on.  Not a speedy process for a couple of old(ish) fogies decorators like us!

TIP:¬† No matter your age, always make climbing and ladder work a “two-person” project.¬† In-home falls can be dangerous, but especially when working alone as you have no one to come to your aid.

Besides … it’s always more fun and more work done … with two instead of one!

It’s good to be back and I’ll be glad to read your comments again ūüėÄ

Later – Cheryl





Yes … Tomorrow is Halloween

Here are some last minute, EZ=PZ’s for tomorrow!

Just Click the Pics and Find the Fun






Have a fun and safe Halloween.

Look for much more frequent posts in the weeks to come.

Later – Cheryl

Little Things Mean a Lot

Valentine’s Day isn’t the elaborate celebration it once was, around our place. ¬†It’s more of a “stay home and snuggle” than a “reservations and retail” type¬†of holiday, after being¬†married for 31 years . ¬†We kind of like it that way … especially in a freezing February! ¬†So, it was unexpected (and sort of¬†cute) when, while shopping this week, Hubs wanted me to pick out something for a Valentine gift.

An¬†obvious starting point was the display of mixed bouquets. ¬†There were three different prices and assortments presented. ¬†Now, don’t get me wrong, many¬†of the choices were fresh enough, that one may have worked. ¬† But remember I’m a former florist, so I looked them all over closely. ¬†Still,¬†those¬†prices for something that would be gone in a few days gave me pause.

I wanted to keep looking.

We went back to the normal garden department and while the variety and choices were very limited, there was a good sized foliage plant I liked, for a bit more than the flowers.  Similar price points. Live plant (non-blooming) vs. soon-to-be dead flowers. Hhmm.

I wanted to keep looking.

Jewelry? ¬†Too spendy. ¬†Towels … or how about a colorful little throw-rug. ¬† Nah. ¬†We went past a Valentine’s Day display with candy, cards and bunches of fresh (sort of) tulips. I’m diabetic, so any big time candy purchase, well prob’ly not a great idea, as it’s hard for me to stop on that, when I get going ūüėõ ¬†Just sayin’. ¬†The tulips were okay, but Hubs wanted to spend more. ¬†Well I was up for that, so . . .

We wanted to keep looking.

We were almost to check-out and I saw a young gal with a little mini rose plant.  She pointed to yet another display area.  Okay, enough already, people.

Here is what I chose for my Valentine’s gift. ¬†A live¬†and blooming plant. ¬†A cute little pink and purple cyclamen.


It will bloom for quite a while yet, a week or even longer. ¬†And, the foliage will give continued interest until next bloom season (if I don’t kill it first).

Next, a bundle of orange tulips (one of my favorite colors and blooms).


Some low, broken stems were discovered when we got them home . . . so


they got a special “short” vase.

Finally … chocolate. ¬†Not just any old candy, but … crunchy M&M’s. ¬†These happen to be a triple play of pleasure for me!


First, one of my favorite things. ¬†Second, affordable and third, small so I can have just a few at a time without messing up my sugar #’s (with a little supervision from Hubs)!

These all make me smile, and at that $$ amount, I don’t have to feel guilty. ¬† It really is true … Little Things can Mean a Lot.

Thanks Dugger.  Love you still!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. ¬†If you still need some decor ideas, search valentine(s) here on the blog, or check out my pinterest and facebook place.











Christmas Finery from Farrow & Ball

Christmas Past is today’s post … a fun one from 2015.¬† Enjoy.

A favorite online place of mine is the Farrow and Ball site. ¬†You’ll never fail to find something beautiful to enjoy; color and decor ideas, crafts and more.

Today I’m sharing this Christmas post … have fun!