Colors, Whites and What’s Right for You

When I pull out a flip chart of paint cards, sometimes the reactions are alarming.  So many people are intimidated … literally afraid of using color, and to them, thinking about all those choices is frightening.
Going to completely the opposite direction, let’s consider WHITE.  Take a look at this little post from Daily Dream Decor that I found over on Bloglovin.

7 All white spaces you will lust for

There are some great ideas here, but if that were the whole house, someone would have to lock me away in a private little white room!  😀
Rental apartments are notoriously painted in white or very light neutral colors.  That’s an easy way to ease into color.  The way to do that is with accessories.  Below, they’ve used naturals (dark wood & plants) and a trio of golds, oranges, browns and greens in the accessories.  So the “all white” room looks wonderful, not boring.
Decor gets braver in the living room below, where they’ve used color on the permanent pieces, i.e. couch and chair.  White remains predominant on the walls & ceilings, the rug, lampshades and even the plant and framed art.   But NOTE the window sheers are coupled with a slightly deeper neutral, a beige that works into the orange toss pillows.   Finishing touch is the deeper tones of the vase and flowers.  Everything inside also tends to play nicely with the outdoor view.
Dark floors give light neutrals life and ground the room.  Here other accessories in similar shades as the floor, help pull your eyes through the room.  Here again, a fun large plant adds additional color to the room, as well as texture and interest.
The living room below is much braver.  The dark floor color continues up the wall in the fireplace surround. The gorgeous green really livens up the room and is repeated in the area rug.   The third color orange is a great accent to all.  NOTE how wonderfully the art work and metals unite it all to produce a great look.
A totally different affect is seen in this final shot.  The ceiling has been painted in a dark color, and the majority of the floor is light, covered partially with the geometric rug.   Lively colors and textures add interest throughout, with the art, lamp and coffee table tones.  NOTE how the dark plant and white vase take your eye down to the black & white rug, which of course reminds you of that ceiling.  The green pieces add fun, with the turquoise and green glass the wow factor.

Black and white sprinkled through a room help give the eye a break, a resting spot.  This tip works in display too.

Whether you’re a “white wall” person or someone beginning to experiment with color, I hope you’ve enjoyed my post.  I love comments, so let me know what you think.

Until next time.


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Hey … Timing ISN’T Everything … is it?

How’s your timing?

Not the musical or early/late kind of timing . . . but just in everyday things . . . you know.

Ever just miss something great that happened because your timing was a little off?  Example:  You work in a popular metropolitan store where a major movie star is coming in before store opening to shop  AND she’ll sign autographs.  I get You come to work the usual time – and just miss her . . . how did I not you not know?

How about when everyone else – but you – always seems to know what day it is.  Bloggers mention all these special calendar days that I’ve never heard of. Hey, I love puppies, so how did I not know – until May, that National Puppy Day was in March?

(FYI:  Evidently there really is a Puppy Day.  Click the pic for a fun daily calendar.)


Creativity doesn’t fit to a timetable.   For me, it strikes at any time of day or night.  I know a few people – besides myself – who keep pad and pen on the bed stand, for those occasional, great middle-of-the-night ideas, or the one that hits just as you’re falling asleep.  I’m also part of that group that takes pad, paper and a camera with them wherever they go.  Well, the camera gets forgotten a lot . . . thank gawd for my cell phone!

Studio Arts Classes in college, can get tough.  You’re given a week or so to complete a specific assignment . . . plenty of time, right? But more often than not, my best idea didn’t hit until a day or two before deadline. I spent many nights painting or drawing until 4:00 am of due day – and I had morning classes   😦   Other ideas developed earlier, but THE ONE  usually came down to the wire. A couple of times my oils were still wet at presentation.

J.O.'s Studio

Inspiration can’t be scheduled. It originates through life’s daily experiences. In a single moment, something fantastic can set the ideas flowing. My son is, and I was, in advertising. We both preferred NOT to be art directors and specifically chose other avenues. There is a tremendous amount of pressure to instantly produce. Schedules can be excruciating on the creative process (and the nerves), especially if you’re the person who has to come up with the campaign’s ideas.

My timing issues are possibly why I love decorating. Other than special displays for holiday themes, in your own home, you can decorate the way you want, and work on any room or project, any time of year.  AND you always have options for changes.  You don’t have to live by a schedule or calendar unless of course, you’re working with clients.  Even then though, it’s more of a fun process than ulcer producing.

Ideas and initiative for a master bedroom project, have been bombarding my brain big-time lately, so that’s what I’m working on. Previous versions were featured HERE


and HERE.

Artzzle Timing Feature

Details for the re-do are coming together quickly, but all I’ll tell you today is, there are big changes afoot, especially with the colors.  I’m adding an accent color and the two top contenders are  LILAC  and  CORAL.  We’re also developing an architectural feature.

So you know, I began this article yesterday, with every intention of posting it then.  Honestly I did!

See, I found this.  “June 1st, by the way, is NATIONAL HAZELNUT CAKE DAY.”  I was going to include this crazy calendar day . . .


and tell you a funny story about how I used to like hazelnuts, but one time ate way too many . . . moaned, groaned and threw up most of the next day.

That’s funny – right?  But, maybe it’s more of a time management issue, not timing, huh; not knowing when to stop!?

Hubs’ timing was lousy yesterday.  I was almost finished with this post when I got a “Need a little help out here”. Working in the shop, he somehow caught his finger in/under/between a caster ??? and, long story short . . . we made an unexpected trip to the ER for stitches.

Artzzle Timing Feature

Gracie and I got kinda freaked out with all the blood, yuk!

Artzzle Timing Feature

We’re all OK now – Hubs too.

Today is National Rotisserie Chicken Day though – no, seriously.  It also happens to be my grocery day so . . . it’s off to WalMart to buy one!

Don’t forget – stress less and you’ll start more!

Later – Cheryl

BIG P.S.    I love your comments.  BE SURE when you comment, that your address is set to receive my personal reply to you.  Otherwise, MARK THE FOLLOW-UP COMMENT BOX to get a reply from the post.

I’m still waiting  for some project updates and pictures from some of you (YOU know who you are! 🙂   Remember, you can find the email address when you click my profile pic on the home page.  Send pics, questions and concerns via that address!

Talk to you soon!





Last Look at Summer

September is here
With Autumn so near
I wanted a
Last Look at Summer


 Very trendy this year … Orange and Pink


Coleus are pretty too, don’t you think?


 Is it red or orange … who can be sure


 This lily is striking … in no way demure!


 So much texture and interest in thistles like this


But a simple petunia’s beauty is hard to miss


 Though a common flower, geraniums have such power


 Obedient Plant … elegant simplicity


 Attractive, plump seedum blooms


 Are special favorites of the bee

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOrnamental grasses of shiny green and white


 Even a weed among blooms seems just right


 Don’t know what, but it just looked fun


 A final shot of a prairie plant … and I’m on the run.

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Meantime, remember … Don’t stress about it, just start that project.

Later – Cheryl

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Sunday Scenes

Sunday has provided time . . . to consider thoughts of many kinds.

A mid- summer Sunday
Trees swing and sway
Clouds intermittent, white to gray



My living room has creams and browns
and lots of straight lines can be found.

Seeing below, I want some rounds
And need to add more color!

BHG August PublicationSource:  Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, August Issue


Saw my girls yesterday
Realized how time slips away

From little ones to keep in tow
See how quickly they did grow.



Here’s one more pretty for you today
Then I must be on my way 🙂


Glad you stopped by again.
Remember now, don’t stress too much, just go ahead with something.

Later – Cheryl

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Chicken Queue


Chicken Queue.


Hi All.
I get a daily dose of wonderful,
from the blog LEAF and TWIG, and
I just HAD TO SHARE today’s gem.

I’m thinking patience not luck,
produced this wonderful composition.
Thanks, Seedbud

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone . . . and remember,
try not to stress too much, just start something!

Later – Cheryl

Featured Favorites

Hi all. My computer and my printer/scanner still aren’t playing nice together, so thought I would share some wonderful web inspiration I’ve found this week.

The “Eyes” Have It

One of my favorite haunts is over at DOGS DON’T EAT PIZZA. Karen loves kids, dogs and home projects … just like me! You have to check out her latest cute idea, which looks like Halloween but has a special treat at the end!

The Art Part
Tondro Treasure

Those of you who have been asking for more Art articles will like this site. When I found Cassandra Tondro’s work, I immediately asked for permission to share it. Visit here CASSANDRA TONDRO Green Art and learn about her philosophy of “green art – art with a concience”. And take plenty of time to browse as there are lots of “Ooh Ahh” moments.

Mixed Bag

I could just go on and on about this next site. .129 Twig and Vine

Sue over there, is a multi-talented gal. Her photography amazes, her collage work is such fun, but don’t miss her “Henhouse Fibers” spot.
vintage-wine1 Collage from 129 Twig & Vine

My post could be as endless as the internet … but I have to go (eat as it’s 2:13 p.m. and I’m starving). I’m going to make “Featured Favorites” a weekly column. Let me know what you think.

Big THANK YOU’s to Karen, Cassandra and Sue for allowing me to share with you their wonderful work.

As always, don’t stress, just start!
Later –


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A Quick, E-Z, Make-Do Art Project Any Age Paint Project

A granddaughter’s stay on a recent rainy day, gave us time for a fun, Make-Do project. Our make-do’s are spur-of-the-moment ideas, where we shop the house, garage, shed and workshop for materials and supplies for an art project; there’s no trip to the store for anything. See other Make-Do fun HERE, HERE and HERE. Posing here is my granddaughter Ashley. A basketball and soccer junky with both comedic and artistic talents, she keeps us all entertained. Any Age Paint Project Any Age Paint Project

Today, in the recycle bin, we found some cardboard and styrofoam packing materials in in cool shapes and sizes. In the craft closet there were some dollar-store canvases in different sizes. Some were white cloth, and others were just paper with an image already printed on them. Finally, in the crawl space, we found several colors of latex wall paint.

I always have several sizes of old or “throw-away” paint brushes on hand. These are wall painting brushes, in sizes from 1 – 4 inch widths. You’ll find these in any big-box paint department in bags of mixed sizes but you can get individuals in a specific size too. An Any Age Project

First we covered our work table, then laid out all of our supplies. Each paint container had its’ own brush, so that colors didn’t get mixed together in the cans. We had two sizes of canvases, so first we picked two colors and painted our backgrounds. DON’T FORGET to paint the edges of your canvas as well as just the front. Any Age Paint Project Any Age Art Project

Next we added a little texture to the surface, dabbing our neutral colors onto the canvas with cloth rags. An Any Age Art Project An Any Age Art Project

Then we broke apart the cardboard and styrofoam, into fun shapes. Putting paint on the shapes, we then pressed them onto scrap paper, to experiment and see how we liked the patterns. Now we used the pieces we liked, and pressed designs onto our canvases. An Any Age Art Project

Finally, we decided our work was still lacking, so after practicing some dribbles and splatters, we added a few of those free-hand and there you have it. An Any Age Art Project

1. This is a MESSY project. Either work in an area where paint splatters don’t matter, or be sure to cover table and area surfaces with protective clothes.
2. Assign each color its own brush. Don’t intermix paint colors in their containers.
3. To keep them from drying out, brushes can be loosely wrapped in dampened paper towels between uses.
4. When painting your background, don’t forget to paint the edges of the canvas. This way you won’t have to frame your finished art … unless you want to.
5. Keep a bucket of water and lots of spare rags handy for mishaps.
6. Have one jar of water to put all brushes in when you are finished. An Any Age Art Project An Any Age Art Project

We hung some of our work at my house, and Ashley took some home for her room as well.

Don’t stress about a project, just have fun and start one!

Later – Cheryl

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The Art Part

J.O.'s Studio
J.O.’s Studio 1

Many of you know that the name “Artzzle” comes from my philosophy that “Life is a Giant Puzzle of Art and Design” and I like to help people put the pieces of their homes together (that plus the fact that Art is a fantastic alpha and topic search word!).

Cruising the St. Cloud Summer Art Crawl last week was almost over-stimulating for us. And I realized that to this point, Artzzle has concentrated more on interiors and design than art. So you’ll see a new tab on the menu now, and I’ll be on constant search for interesting items to feature there.

J.O.’s Studio 2

Of course “Art” means many things to millions of people. My first thoughts always go to painting and drawing, but there are so many other areas to explore.

Please suggest any topics you’d like to see featured. I like new ideas!

Later – Cheryl

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Art Crawl, Y’all

“Autumn Ride to the Farm” Acrylic on canvas

Okay, corny, but I needed something that rhymed with crawl. I’m attending a fun art event tomorrow and wanted to tell you all about it! Pictured today are some of my older artworks, as I mostly paint walls and wood lately.

Minnesota’s metropolitan Twin Cities are not the only artistic areas the state has. I was afraid that might not be the case when I moved up to the Princeton area. I was very surprised and happy to discover many opportunities and great organizations up here, that interest and support artistic endeavors of all kinds.

“Social Security Check” Conte on paper.

St. Cloud, Minnesota is a heavy art area and that’s where Hubs and I are headed tomorrow. Here’s the scoop

St Cloud Sizzling Summer Art Crawl
August 23, 2013
10 A.M – 9 P.M.

What time is it? It’s Art Crawl Time! Come crawl St Cloud’s Historic Downtown Sizzling Art Crawl August 23rd, 10am-9pm. Over 30 venues will host 50+ local artists, including undergrads and graduates of the SCSU studio arts program.
There will be an Art Off! From 4pm-6pm, in which a group of artists will live paint to the funky bluegrass stylings of the Zombie Pit String Band. Art work made to the tasty licks of the Zombies will be auctioned off after the event.
Hoopers, fire breathers, musicians and demonstrating artists will be located up and down the the streets to perform and tantalize the senses.
And for the kids we have the elbow pot exchange at the Mahowald Plaza where kids can make and exchange clay pots.
Are you ready to get your art on?
For more information, check out our website at ART CRAWL ST. CLOUD

“Experiment in Color & Technique” Water color on paper.

And there’s more. The exhibit “Art as a Catalyst for Social Change” is on display from June 20th – August 30th in the Paramount Theater lobby (free admission). Tomorrow, the public is invited to join Juror, Michael Strand at a reception on August 23rd, 4-6pm with an awards ceremony at 5pm. for participants in this exhibit. The ceremony will be held in the Paramount Lobby. LINK HERE for complete information.

The long promised (but probably not long awaited) tutorial on the wedding flowers will be posted next week. They’re all done and the big event is tomorrow. Hubs dropped them off today and I received the official OK from the bride. Whew, now I can relax!

Before I go I wanted to share this recent shot from my front garden.

We have a family of three robins that resides in the big old ninebark right by our front door. The dad always cusses me out when I go out to water, but then he flaps around in the puddle, the fickle fella!

Here’s baby Robin broadcasting his opinion from our tomato cage yesterday. Ahh … I love where I live!

As always, don’t stress about a project, just start one.

Later – Cheryl

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